King’s Norton Boys’ School has a long history dating back more than 100 years and prides itself on being a traditional school with a modern approach to education.

The school had seen its number of Sixth Form students reduce significantly in recent years, falling from 119 in 2015/16 to 89 in 2016/17. A sustainable Sixth Form would require at least 200 students. Meanwhile, the cost of KNBS’s current Sixth Form provision is double that the school receives to fund Year 12 and Year 13 places.


In November 2016 we were approached to carry media, communications and public relations support for the school as it prepared to close its sixth form.


  • Wrote a proposal to the Department for Education (DfE) outlining reasons why the school wants to make the changes
  • Around the announcement and results of the consultation: Letters to staff, parents and stakeholders
  • Press releases
  • Digital communications


At every stage of the consultation process we ensured all relevant parties were correctly informed and educated on the matter of the Sixth Form closure.

Parents appreciated this premature knowledge which avoided any backlash appearing across social media channels or through the media.