There is something quite beguiling about Rich Lists. Most of us, of course, will never appear in one.

Some people, it is rumoured, are annoyed if they don’t. Others, when they do.
Either way, they present a fascinating view of a world that, by definition, the majority of us do not occupy.

The Birmingham Post Rich List is of particular interest to those working and living in the Midlands and whilst we, as a company and as individuals, have never appeared in its pages, we are rather proud our work has.

For the past 12 years, we’ve been privileged that each year we have been commissioned by Benussi and Co, the premier family law practice based in Birmingham, to design and produce their advertisement for the back page of the Birmingham Post Rich List.

Sometimes the ads are topical linked to UK and world events. In other years, they pick up a thread or theme that we think might appeal.

Whether for richer or poorer, we rather hope they create a wry smile. And we’re very grateful to Benussi & Co for giving us the opportunity to give our creative minds something to mull over during the early days of each passing year, and to the Birmingham Post for continuing to research and publish the region’s definitive list.

So without further ado, here are the ads…