We were commissioned by Birmingham City Council to write and design an extensive report focusing on the future of education in Birmingham. Called ‘Changing Times’, it is now the second report commissioned by the council’s Education Department in the last six months as Clarke Associates continues to specialise in working within the education sector.


A report aimed at communicating to schools about how the council is responding to education’s rapidly changing landscape and, in particular, the plans outlined in the Government’s White Paper ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’.


Clarke Associates worked with education chiefs and schools across the city to tell their stories of how they are adapting to change.

Bringing their stories to life was the responsibility of our Head of Design Paul Chipperfield, who was tasked by the client with creating a design ‘evolution’. The client required a vibrant, dynamic and engaging design which was very image-led in order to break up the copy and to keep the reader engaged.

The visuals below illustrate our creative response, featuring the covers and some examples of inner spreads. Paul conceptualised the look and feel of the report, also artworking the entire publication. Having explored a number of designs, with feedback from the client, we arrived at the decision of utilising a very graphic aesthetic in order to complement the thrust of the publication.