6 Ways to Wellbeing campaign

Clarke Associates was recently appointed by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council to develop a brand identity for the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, a major part of our remit being the delivery of market testing and evaluation. This resulted in the creation of a suite of marketing collateral for the brand. Throughout the process, our designer Paul Chipperfield worked closely with Sandwell’s Adult Wellbeing Project Manager to develop the brand for market testing and then create the subsequent campaign materials.

Key to the development of the initial branding concepts was gaining an in-depth knowledge of Sandwell, and as such, we were able to develop concepts with a distinct Black Country identity – something highly valued by the client. This ultimately led to us commissioning a Sandwell based photographer in order to generate a library of Sandwell photography – the most impactful images to be integrated into the brand. By instilling this sort of depth and local heritage into a brand, we are confident that Sandwell residents will engage positively with the campaign and identify with the localised branding.

To further mark this campaign out as specific to Sandwell, we worked with the client to develop an extra ‘wellbeing way’ in addition to the traditional five. In addition to ‘Connect’, ‘Move’, ‘Learn’, ‘Notice’, and ‘Give’; ‘Talk’ was added – making this a 6 Ways to Wellbeing campaign. This has allowed for a great link between the six towns of Sandwell and the six wellbeing ways, aiding the brand’s coherence. In early 2016, the chosen brand for the 6 Ways to Wellbeing was identified, refined and signed-off, and has recently been applied to a broad range of campaign materials, amongst which are:

  • An engagement toolkit for use by members of the wellbeing team, including detailed guidelines on how to apply, represent and reproduce the brand
  • A wellbeing card pack, including ‘pledge cards’
  • Z cards
  • A suite of campaign posters
  • Editable PDF posters to enable the wellbeing team to flexibly create their own posters when future events arise
  • Pop up banners
  • A leaflet
  • Large scale adverts
  • A counter graphic