The National Forest


The National Forest is a forest in the making – one of the country’s boldest environmental projects, transforming 200 square miles in the centre of England. It is a remarkable environment and we have been delighted to have played a very small part in enabling it to develop, grow and attract increased attention.



 The development of communications and marketing strategy by Clarke Associates in conjunction with the team at The National Forest Company.


We developed the concept of and proposed Ambassador Scheme.

We researched regional and national figures that had been supportive of The National Forest (by being quoted in the national media; offering practical support; making new introductions).

Invited them to become ambassadors and attend the Ambassador launch event.

Prepared briefing materials – followed by undertaking regular receptions, organised by the National Forest Company to enable them to effectively ‘spread the word’ and lobby interested/influential parties.


Approximately 50 ambassadors represent the interests of The National Forest. They are invited to an annual reception/briefing and are consulted and sometimes coerced! In spite of challenging economic conditions, The National Forest continues to enjoy the support of all political parties and has also attracted significant private sector support.