Media outlets play a huge role in shaping public perception and in our expert opinion they will continue to do so for a long time to come. At Clarke Associates, we combine our knowledge of what makes a good yarn – what is newsworthy – with our excellent contacts across the media industry to help ensure our clients’ press releases get a good hearing. We have open and frank conversations with journalists about how our clients’ agendas fit with the news agenda. By taking this approach we have consistently secured significant coverage in national and regional newspapers and on television and radio.

Clarke Associates excels in helping clients to understand target markets. Our insight, consultation and engagement experts, through their data-backed research, help clients to achieve desired outcomes in planning applications, brand perceptions and brand development.


With social media you have an opportunity to communicate with clients in a way that truly adds value. Whether it’s business to business or business to consumer, social media enables us to have creative and positive online interactions in a way that demonstrates impact to a wide audience of potential clients, whilst providing useful information. As masters of the message, Clarke Associates’ social media experts will help you find the right tone of voice and project it in a way that leads to increased profile and new opportunities. We tailor our approach according to client needs.

Our in-house graphic designer works alongside our brand experts to deliver brand identity projects ranging from logo refreshes to complete rebrands. If you have a question about the appearance of your logo and brand colours and how they portray your business our designer would be delighted to offer advice and tips on how it might be developed. We also excel in document production, including leaflets, reports and reviews. We collaborate with respected Birmingham-based website developers, building websites for a range of clients in the public and private sectors.